I am teaching undergraduate and post-graduates modules in Queen Mary:

> ECS643U/ECS720P, Power Electronics (Organizer/lecturer, 2015 – present)
> ECS649U/ECS790P, Electrical Machines and Systems (Organizer/lecturer, 2015 – present).

My past teaching activities:
> System Modelling and Control (Joint lecturer, University of Warwick,2013)
> Control Project (Assistant lecturer, Newcastle University, 2009)
> Industrial Automation (Assistant lecturer, Newcastle University, 2008)
> CPD course on Matlab/Simulink (Organizer/Lecturer,Newcastle University, 2007-2009)
> CPD course on C/C++ for embedded programming (Organizer/Lecturer, Newcastle University, 2008-2009)

MSc/UG Project Supervision

You can find my proposed MSc projects for the 2017/18 academic year in this presentation. Soon I will add a few more projects. I am also accepting undergraduate students if they are interested in working on these topics. All the projects have the potential to be divided into smaller tasks or be done by a group of maximum two undergraduate students.

Past and Present MSc students:

Mr Nadir Aurélien Badji (2017~),
Project: Machine learning for building energy efficiency
Miss Abigail Rose Papworth (2017~),
Project: Real-time modelling of Spark-Ignition Combustion Engine
Miss Jingyu He (2017~), funded by China Scholarship Council,
Project: Smart energy management using IoT
Mr Adrian Paul Ratte (2016~, part-time),
Project: Design of a high-temperature Cut-out function for BS 88 cartridge fuses
Mr Christopher Yahchouchi (2016/17),
Project: Modelling energy efficiency through smart meter data
Mr Muhammad Jawad Akbar (2016/17),
Project: Developing a machine learning approach to model human behaviour towards devices
Miss Tannaz Monajemi (2015/16),
Project: SA-based Wireless energy measurement
Mr Runkang Li (2015/16),
Project: Fuzzy Multi Fusion Sensor Systems for Engine Calibration

Past UG project students:

Mr Siheng Wei (2017-18)
Mr Shahir Azizi (2017-18)
Mr Rohim Uddin (2017-18)
Mr Mirjeta Cakiqi (2017-18), Excellent project: Li-ion Battery Modelling in Matlab
Mr Kaiweisaier Aili (2017-18)
Mr Jacob Salim Haddad (2017-18)
Mr Hashem Khan (2017-18)
Mr Ernestas Savukas (2017-18)
Mr Oritseweyinmi Henry Ajagbawa (2016/17)
Mr Albert Narimanov (2016/17)
Mr Hemat Shah (2016/17)
Mr Hariras Tongyai (2016/17), Excellent Project: Hyperloop design
Mr Alexander Michael Mckeown (2016/17)
Mr Andras Homonyik (2016/17), Excellent project: Smart Sensing App for Library Seat System
Mr Xiao Luo (2016/17)
Miss Marianna Goncalvez Fundao (2015/16), exchange student from Brazil