s200_najmeh-rezaei Ms Najmeh Rezaei (EECS studentship)
Project: Novel control approach for high-switching WBG converter
 3809230 Mr Seyed Amir Alavi (EECS studentship)
Project: Cyber situational awareness for home energy management
 170355791 Ms Xiaomaio Li (CSC funded)
Project: Stability analysis of fuzzy polynomial positive systems with time delay using Lyapunov approach
 170664822 Ms Komal Saleem (HEC funded)
Project: Energy storage system interface for V2G application)
 images Ms Rana Massoud (QMUL & University of Genova, Italy)
Project: Eco-friendly vehicular naturalistic sensing and driving behaviour profiling



Dr Akhtar Zohaib (PhD Imperial College, 2017)

“Multi-physics sensor fusion for power electronic converter prognostics”, EPSRC, 01-07-2018 to 30-01-2019
“Microgrid distributed control”, EPSRC GCRF Sponsorship, EP/R512709/1, 01-11-2017 to 31-03-2018


Mr Ithhipol Udomkitpaibool, AIT Thailand, Summer internship, 2018
Mr Pantakan Tangeuab, AIT Thailand, Summer internship, 2018
Mr Patipop Amornpanthang, AIT Thailand, Summer internship, 2018
Prof Weerakorn Ongsakul, AIT Thailand, 2018


> Quantum Systems and Devices, University of Sussex, UK
> Control System Centre, University of Manchester, UK
> McGill University, Canada
> Warwick Manufacturing Group, University of Warwick, UK
> Systems, Power & Energy Division, University of Glasgow, UK
> Kunming University of Science and Technology, China
> University of Science and Technology, Beijing, China
> Niroo Research Institute, Iran
> Institute of Energy, Sharif Institute of Technology, Iran
> University of Dhaka, Bangladesh
> Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), Thailand

Journals (Reviewer)

> IEEE Transactions (Intelligent Transportation Systems, Sensors, Mechatronics, Energy conversion, fuzzy systems),
> IET (Power Electronics, Electrical Systems in Transportation),
> Elsevier (Electric Power System Research),
> International Journal (Control, Modelling, Identification and Control),
> MDPI (Energies, Low Power Electronics and Applications, Applied Science).