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RPCS research team is an active group and aims to achieve academic excellence and maximise the societal impact of the energy-related external and internal projects.

Kamyar Mehran

Ph.D., 2010, Newcastle University, UK
M.Sc., 2004, Newcastle University, UK
B.Sc., 1999, Tehran, Iran
PGCert, 2010, Durham University, UK
Email: k.mehran@qmul.ac.uk

Kamyar Mehran is a Senior Lecturer (eq. Associate Professor) in Electrical Power Engineering, Senior member of IEEE and the director of the Real-Time Power and Control System (RPCS) Laboratory at the school of EECS in Queen Mary University in London. He received his PhD degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering and MSc degree in Control and Automation from Newcastle University, UK, in 2010 and 2004 respectively. His current research is mainly focused on the theory and application of advanced control and optimisation methods for (vehicular, grid) energy storage, SiC-based power electronics and dc/ac Microgrids and Nanogrids with over 90+ peer-reviewed publications, and several book chapters including his recent chapter in “Control strategy for time-delay systems” published by Elsevier. He attracted close to £5.14M external funding (£1.14M as principal investigator) in his academic career from the UKRI research councils including EPSRC, Innovate UK, Royal Society and Newton fund. He is a reviewer for the EPSRC (major funding body for engineering research projects) and serve as editorial board member for MDPI journal on Energies. He has been an invited speaker in several conferences and companies.
From 2013 to 2015, he was a research fellow in the University of Warwick, UK and from 2010-2013 he was a research associate in the Newcastle University where he also acted as a commercialisation manager for a university spin-off company developing disruptive GaN technology for optoelectronics. Before his academic career, he worked for eight years in industry in a variety of software-related roles.

 Director, Assoc. Prof. in Electrical Engineering

Shady Gadoue

Ph.D., 2009, Newcastle University, UK
M.Sc., 2003, Alexandria University, Egypt
B.Sc., 2000, Alexandria University, Egypt


Dr Shady Gadoue received the BSc (Hons) and MSc degrees in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from Alexandria University, Egypt and the PhD degree from Newcastle University, Newcastle upon Tyne, U.K. in 2009, in the area of Power Electronics and Control Systems. In 2011, he joined the Electrical Power Research Group at Newcastle University, as a Lecturer (Assistant Professor). In 2016, he was with the Power and Control Research group at Imperial College London as a full time visiting research scholar. In 2017, he joined the School of Engineering and Applied Science, Aston University, Birmingham, as a Senior Lecturer. Dr Gadoue is currently an Associate Professor in Electrical and Electronic Engineering (Electrical Power Engineering) at the School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science at Queen Mary University of London. His research interests include Energy Systems, Transportation Electrification, Power Electronics and Control Systems, electrical vehicles drives powertrain, condition monitoring of batteries and energy storage devices. Dr Gadoue has been listed as one of top 2% world scientists by Stanford University in 2020 and 2021 in Energy Engineering. He has supervised and co-supervised more than 19 PhD projects to completion at prestigious UK Universities (Newcastle, Imperial, Aston and Queen Marry).

Senior Lecturer (Assoc. Prof.) in Electrical Power Engineering

Seyed Javad Naghibi

M.Sc., Sharif University of Technology, 2017, Tehran, Iran
B.Sc., Amirkabir University of Technology, 2015, Tehran, Iran


Javad received his BSc and MSc degrees all in Electrical Engineering. He has conducted some R&D projects in the area of high voltage power electronics while he was working as a Power Electronics Design Engineer at Sharif Research and Innovation Center. He is currently pursuing his PhD in power electronics within the RPCS, also work as Power Electronics Systems Engineer at McLaren Automotive. His research interests include reliability monitoring of WBG devices and high voltage high power electronics.

Javad’s Linkedin page

Ph.D. Candidate, and Power Electronics System Engineer at McLaren Automotive 

Toshan Wickramanayake

M.Sc., University of Surrey, 2021
M.Eng., Trinity College, University of Cambridge, 2017
B. A. (Hons), University of Cambridge, 2016


Toshan received his BA and MEng degrees all in Electronic Engineering. Upon completing his undergraduate studies, he worked in Sri Lanka as the Director of Engineering at Master Divers, one of Sri Lanka’s premier marine engineering companies. He then went on to complete his MSc in Electronic Engineering at the University of Surrey in 2021. He is currently a PhD student within the RCPS. His research interests are in Lithium ion battery modelling, aiming at developing physics based models of LIBs that can be used in battery management systems to extend the lifetime of LIBs.

Ph.D. Candidate

Mehrnaz Javadipour

Dr Mehrnaz Javadipour

Mehrnaz received her BSc degree in Instrumentation & Control from Shahid Beheshti University (SBU), Tehran, Iran in 2016, and joined RPCS on Feb, 2019 to start his PhD. His PhD thesis title is “Condition Monitoring System for Electric Vehicle Battery Packs using Current Density Images of Lithium-ion Pouch Cells”which she successfully defended in June 2023. Mehrnaz was also acted as a RA in the Innovate UK project: “Current Density Imaging in EV battery modules”, and one of her papers is selected as front page featured paper for the MDPI Journal of Electrochemistry. 
Electronics Design Engineer at Thorlabs

Saqib Iqbal

M.Sc., 2017, Lahore University of Management Sciences, Pakistan
B.Sc., 2014, Ghulam Ishaq Khan IEST, Pakistan

Ph.D. Candidate

Dr Abdul Moeed Amjad

Ph.D., in Electronic and Electrical Engineering, QMUL, 2023
PhD Thesis: “Online Harmonic Elimination Pulse Width Modulation Technique for Modular Multilevel Cascade Converter”
M.Sc., 2014, UTM
B.Sc., 2011, UET, Pakistan

Research Associate in GaN Power Electronics, University of Edinburgh

Dr Zunaib Ali

Research Fellow, 2019-2021, Northumbria University
Research Fellow, 2018-2019, QMUL
Lecturer in Electrical Power Engineering, LSBU

Dr Zohaib Akhtar

Research Fellow, 2016-2018, QMUL
Senior Teaching Fellow, Imperial College London
Xiaomiao Li

Dr Xiaomiao Li

Ph.D., in Electronic and Electrical Engineering, QMUL, 2020
PhD Thesis: “Modelling, Stability Analysis and Design of Positive Fuzzy-Model-Based Control Systems”
M.Sc., 2016, Yanshan University, China
B.Sc., 2014, Yanshan university, China
Assistant Professor, Yanshan University, China
Najmeh Rezaei

Dr Najmeh Rezaei

Ph.D., in Electronic and Electrical Engineering, QMUL, 2020
PhD Thesis: “Modelling, Design and Control of Silicon Carbide (SiC)-based dc-dc Converters in EV Applications”
M.Sc., University of Pavia, Italy
M.Sc., Polytechnic University of Turin, Italy
B.Sc., Shiraz University of Technology, Iran
Senior Electronic Development Engineer, Deregallera

Dr Amir Alavi

M.Sc., Shahid Beheshti University (SBU), Tehran, Iran, 2017
B.Sc., Power and Water University of Technology (PWUT), Tehran, Iran, 2013

Ph.D., in Electronic Engineering, QMUL, 2021
PhD thesis: “Distributed Control and State Estimation of DC Microgrids Based on Constrained Communication Networks”

Amir’s blog: https://samiralavi.github.io/#education

Senior Embedded Software Engineer, River Lane

Dr Komal Saleem

M.Sc., MS Electrical Engineering, COMSATS, Pakistan, 2015
B.Sc., BE Electrical Power Engineering, COMSATS, Pakistan, 2013

Ph.D., in Electronic Engineering, QMUL, 2022
PhD thesis: “Battery Modelling and Control for Grid-Connected Electric Vehicle Applications under Abnormal Grid Conditions”

Research Assistant, 2018-2019, RPCS, QMUL

Lecturer in Electrical Engineering, University of East London 

Saeed Ahmed Saeed Albakri

M.Sc., Renewable Energy and Power System Management, City University, London, 2022
B.Sc., Electronics Engineering, Yarmouk University, Jordan, 2014


Saeed has a professional work experience in Signify (Philips Lighting) as Project Sales Engineer in Saudi Arabia, and Midstream Lighting in London as a Solution Engineer for the Middle East and Africa region for maritime sector.

Currently he is a PhD candidate in RPCS laboratory, and his research is mainly focused offshore renewable sources and the control system for the electrified marine power systems.

Ph.D. candidate

Interested in a Ph.D. position?
We are continuously seeking talented, motivated and energetic individuals to join our team, and participate in our exciting research. There are several sources of fundings for scholarships and studentship in the school of EECS. Please read this before applying for a PhD position. If you are applying, look at some of my suggested PhD topics. The available PhD studentship positions (including EPSRC, QM Principal, CSC, HEC/Commonwealth) will also be announced in the EECS website, or advertised in jobs.ac.uk.

Applying for a M.Sc. or B.Sc. Project students
Below are the lists of current and former project students. If you like to adopt a MSc or UG project with me, I have a list of proposed topics.

MSc Project students
2022-2023 Abdullah Alhashash, Project: ML approach for Residential Load Forecasting 
Chi-Tung Ting, Project: Stability analysis of EV bidirectional V2G converter 
Miguel Antonio Rosado, Project: Profusion, a model to predict how likely customers are to buy a new vehicle [assigned by Rolls Royce] 
Saumil Chakrabarty, Project: Electrical load forecasting of electrical appliances using machine learning
Shima Safaei, Project: Enhancing Energy Efficiency with Machine Learning: Predicting Appliance Power Usage in Homes
2021-2022 Alexandre Coudijzer, Project: ML approach for Residential Load Forecasting 
Maria Lagoumidou,
Project: ML approach for Residential Load Forecasting 
Syed Mohammad Hamza,
Project: Multipurpose Automated Drone
Lang Han,
Project: Thermal characterisation of the SiC-based power electronics
Shuzi Wang,
Project: Stability analysis of EV bidirectional V2G converter 
Yuhang Liu,
Project: Data Shapley-based financial forecasting tool
2020-2021 Emirham Kilinc, Project: ECM and SoC estimation of Li-ion batteries (LiBs)
Mohamad Ftouni, Project: Physics modelling of the EV battery packs
Muzi Han, Project: Physics and Thermal modelling of the LiBs
Love Oyeniran, Project: Privacy of Microgrids using blockchain technology
Mohammad Awais Khan, Project: Wireless Torque Flange system
Harsh Vijay Patel, Project: Electric powertrain for small marine vessels
Yang Li, Project: Condition monitoring of SiC-based power electronics
Rujal Kondral, Project: Reinforcement learning for Residential Load Forecasting
Muhammad Hassan Rasheed, Project: Energy Prediction using LSTM algorithm
2019-2020 Benjamin Philip Smith, Project: ML approach for Residential Load Forecasting
Chia-Yu Lee, Project: Cybersecurity for IoT platform using Blockchain technology
Mehdi Zareh, Project: ECM and SoC estimation of LiBs using adaptive filtering
Mehul Dhirubhai Kalathiya, Project: Chaotic Behaviour in dc-dc converters
Abid Basir Khan, Project: Control of nonlinear behaviour in dc-dc converter
2018-2019 Ahmed Muhammad, Project: Nonlinear Phenomena in dc-dc boost Converter
Kazi Sayeem Ashraf, Project: Fuzzy Logic control of buck Converter
Golnaz Ijadi, Project: ML approach for Residential Load Forecasting
Roha Javed, Project: Differential Protection of 3-Phase Transformer
Chandini Katteri, Project: Solar Water Pump Control with four Different Time Slots for Power Saving Applications
Aimon Mirza Baig, Project: SoC Estimation in LiBs using Kalman Filters
Sarolta Charlotte Rajsli, Project: Short-term Prediction of domestic energy consumption: Time-Series Approach
Kumar Yadawendr Singh, Project: Design and Analysis of Hyperloop
Waroud Aldossari, 
2017-2018 Abigail Rose Papworth, Project: Modelling of Internal-Combustion Spark-Ignition Engine and Supercharger/Turbocharger in Hybrid Electric Vehicles
Jingyu He (Sponsored by China Scholarship Council), Project: The Protection Method in DC Microgrid
Nadir Aurélien Badji
Adrian Paul Ratte, Project: Design of a High Temperature Cut-Out Function for BS 88 Cartridge Fuses
2016-2017 Chris Yahchouchi, Project: Energy efficiency modelling using smart meter data
Mohammad Jawad Akbar, Project: ML Approach for Residential Load Forecasting 
2015-2016 Tannaz Monajemi, Project: Wireless energy measurement in home environment
Yuman Lan, Project: Multi Fusion Sensor Systems for Engine Calibration
UG Project students
2022-2023 Dorin Burbulea, Project: Hyperloop Prototype Propulsion system
Ghalia Almukhaizeem, Project: Hyperloop: Design of the battery pack for the high voltage system
Mohammad Bilal, Project: High Efficiency Power Electronic interface for Vehicle-to-Grid application, invited for EECS UG project showcase event 
Muaaz Farrukh Sand, Project: Autonomous Pick and Drop Arduino Robot
Muhammed Hamzah, Project: Human Detection Camera System
Osamah Alobaid, Project: Residential load forecasting via smart metres
Shazib Ameer, Project: Equivalent Circuit Modelling and SoC estimation for Lithium-ion batteries using Adaptive Filtering Algorithm, invited for EECS UG project showcase event 
Zeyneb Taibi, Project: Equivalent Circuit Modelling and SoC estimation for Lithium-ion batteries using Adaptive Filtering Algorithm
2021-2022 Jurjan Theodorus Wouda, Project: Music Harmony Improvisation Tool
Max Micklewright, Project: DC islanded Microgrids simulation
Michal Makowka – Top student in EEE program – Part of the Hyperlink team @QMUL, Project: Advanced Hyperloop Control System for Vehicle Interface
Yukai Lu, Project: Battery Electric Propulsion System for Marine Boats
Zhikun Lu, Project: Battery Electric Propulsion System for Marine Boats
Zin Kai Ho, Project: Solar powered, fuel cells application for smart phone charging
2020-2021 Akkharachai Suwannarat, Project: Accident Emergency Response Device
Ahmed Parvej, Project: Crucial Personal Safety
Przemyslaw Leonard Czarski, Project: Appliance Load Prediction for Nano-Grids
Tom Elie Deboos-Mylet, Project: Model and Analysis of a Miniature Hyperloop
2019-2020 Ida Morassaei – Top student in EEE program, Project: LiB modelling and SoC estimation using Unscented Kalman filters
Nusaybah Taalib Michel Alexander, Project: Autonomous System for F1 Racing cars
Raymond Zhen – Top student in EEE program, Project: Embedded energy storage system for a small-scale wind turbine
Daniyel Naeem, Project: Inverter design for low-cost water-pump system
Asad Farooq, Project: Simulation of an integrated low-cost water-pump system
Daniel Thanh Pham, Project: Power disaggregation for Home appliances
2018-2019 Daniel Alphonso, Project: Electric Throttle Control System for a F1 student car
Ernestas Savukas, Project: Quantum computers
Lenojan Jeyarajan, Project: Wireless Monitoring of Household Electrical Consumption
Muhammad Noor, Project: Harmens Estate Agents Application
Muhammad Tahmid Salehin, Project: Security Control Access Using RFID
Oicef Touati, Project: Model-Based SoC estimation of LiBs
Rober Aaron Porter, Project: ML algorithms for energy disaggregation of electrical appliances
Sakib Chughtai, Project: Wireless Energy Measurement
Tariq Ahmed, Project: Assisted powered electric Bike
2017-2018 Hashem Khan, Project: E-Steering
Jacob Salim Haddad,
Project: Multi-sensor data fusion for Autonomous Vehicles
Kawsar Eli, Project: Energy Management in Smart Home Environment
Mirjeta Cakiqi, Project: Real-time Simulation of a Battery Pack Model
Rohim Uddin, Project: KeepOnTrack
Shahir Azizi, Project: Modelling and Real-time Simulation of a IC Engine
Siheng Wei, Project: Wireless Energy Monitor using Raspberry Pi and a self-developed Sensor
2016-2017 Albert Narimanov, Project: Security analysis of Energy Measurement based on Situational Awareness platform relying on Game Theory
Alexander Michael McKeown, Project: Smart Sensing Library Seat System and App for Finding Empty Seats
Andras B Homonyik, Project: Developing a CBTI for psychological analysis
M.L. Hariras Tongayi, Project: Hyperloop Prototype
Hemat Shah, Project: Wireless Energy Measurement
Oritseweyinmi Henry Ajagbawa, Project: Situational Awareness based Home Energy Management using Adaptive Dynamic Programming
Xiao Luo, Project: Multi-sensor Data fusion
2015-2016 Marianna Gonçalves Fundão, Project: Dynamic Estimation for a Wind Turbine Connected to a Large-Scale Power System