SCLALEXIO – a powerful Multi-core and versatile hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) simulator that provides highly flexible channels, and a specialized I/O hardware. Control Desk Next Generation software let real-time simulation of Matlab/Simulink models, e.g. dSPACE Electrical Power Systems Simulation Package allows the real-time simulation of electrical models developed in SimPowerSystems.

MicroLabBox – a small all-in-one development system for rapid control prototyping (RCP). It comes with over 100 channels of different I/O types and a combination of real-time processor and FPGA functionality. Close-loop and open-loop control algorithms can be developed in Matlab/Simulink and implemented on the freely programmable FPGA of the MicroLabBox to achieve the fastest possible control sampling rate. RTI E-Motor Control block set is used in combination with FPGA programming blockset to achieve the fastest possible control sampling rate of 16MHz for motor control.

DS1104 R&D Controller Board – a single PCI board system for real-time control development and rapid control prototyping (RCP). Currently, two PCs in the lab have this board installed and can be used as real-time hardware for smaller control development in power electronics, electrical machines, drives, and robotics.

LiB Temperature And Humidity Test Chamber:
Internal dimensions(mm): 400D*500W*500H
Exterior dimensions(mm) : 860D*1050W*1620H
Useful capacity: 100 Liters
Temperature range : -40°C ~ +150°C
Temperature fluctuations: ±0.5°C
Temperature uniformity: ±2.0°C
Temperature sensor: PT100 A class sensor
Humidity range: 20% ~ 98% RH, adjustable
Humidity deviation: ± 2.5%RH
Heating rate: 3°C / min
Cooling rate: 1°C / min
Heating System: Independent nichrome electronic
Cooling system: France TECUMSEH Compressors
Internal material: SUS304 stainless steel
External material: steel plate with protective coating
Power supply: AC380V 50Hz 3Phase

NEWARE battery testing system:
Model: BTS8000-5V50A-8CH
8 channels with individual temperature sensor
AC220V ±10% input.
Voltage: 0.5% – 100% FSR (5V to 60V)
Current: 0.5% – 100% FSR (50A)
16-bit Resolution
Data Acquisition:Frequency: 100Hz,
Time Interval:10ms to 60000s,
Voltage Interval: 0.2% -100% FSR,
Current Interval: 0.2% -100% FSR
Response Time: ≤10ms. 1ms for current lower than 12A
Operation Mode:Charge: Constant Current, Constant Voltage, Constant Power
Discharge: Constant Current, Constant Power, Constant Resistance Simulation: Constant Current, Constant Power
End Conditions: Voltage, Current, Step Time, Capacity, Energy and other defined variable

BTS-5V20A Battery testing equipment

Input powerAC 220V ±10% / 50Hz
Input active power1418 W
Resolving powerAD:16bit;DA:16bit
Input impedance≥1MΩ
Constant voltage range control0.025V~5V
Minimum discharge voltage2V
Accuracy± 0.1% of FS
Stability± 0.1% of FS
Output range per channel0.1A~20A
Accuracy± 0.1% of FS
Constant voltage cut-off current0.04A
Stability± 0.1% of FS
Single channel maximum output power100W
Stability± 0.2% of FS

1500W TDK-Lambda GEN150V-10A DC power supply:
ProgrammableHigh Power Density: 1500W in 1U
Input (85~265Vac Continuous, single phase,47/63Hz)
Active Power Factor Correction (0.99 typical)
Output Voltage up to 600V, Current up to 200A
Built-in RS-232/RS-485 Interface Standard
Last-Setting Memory
Global Commands for Serial RS-232/RS-485 Interface
Front Panel Lock selectable from Front Panel or Software
High Resolution 16 bit ADCs & DACs
Reliable Encoders for Voltage and Current Adjustment
Constant Voltage/Constant Current auto-crossover
Independent Remote ON/OFF and Remote Enable/Disable
External Analog Programming and Monitoring (0-5V & 0-10V)
Optional Interfaces

DC Electronic Load:
Model: EA-PS 9000 3U
Power rating: 15 kW
Output voltage max: 750 VDC
Output Current max: 60 A
Supply voltage min: 340 V
Supply voltage max: 460 V

Torrey Pines EchoTherm HP60-2 Hot Plate, Programmable
Ceramic, 6″ x 6″, 230V

Voltage Probe
Tektronix THDP0200 Oscilloscope Probe
Probe Type: Differential
High Voltage 200MHz 1.5kV 1:50, 1:500
Current Probe
Pico Technology TA167 200A/2000A AC/DC
BNC Connector
Several open-source hardware for embedded and wireless sensor network systems
Arduino Uno DIP V3 Arduino Starter Kit K000007
Raspberry Pi Compute Module
Raspberry Pi 3 Premium Kit
LoRa LoRaWAN Gateway – 868MHz Kit with Raspberry Pi 3
Seeeduino LoRaWAN W/GPS
Voltaware Energy Sensor for wireless energy monitor
– Proprietary single-phase and three-phase power monitoring sensors
– Capable of monitoring of individual appliances
– Suitable for building energy management
– Integrated with proprietary machine intelligence for power disaggregation