The universe acts like a massive induction machine

A team of investigators in NASA studying the Jovian aurora have made the “shocking” discovery of a seemingly inexplicable electron acceleration process that appears to cause Jupiter’s brightest auroras. Professor Donald Scott discusses the great significance of this discovery from the Electric Universe perspective in this interesting video:


Great target for Iran to expand the renewable sources – Iran to generate 7,500 MW from solar by 2030


Energy Minister Hamid Chitchian said his ministry plans to generate 7,500 megawatts from renewable energy sources to reduce carbon emission.

Addressing an energy gathering in Tehran on Tuesday, Chitchian said Energy Ministry has major plans to curb carbon output by 2030, Shana reported.

He said Iran will generate at least 7,500 MW from renewable sources such as hydroelectric, wind, solar, biomass and geothermal plants.

He pointed out that the Sixth Five-Year Development Plan (2016-2021) has envisaged a power generation capacity of 5,000 MW.

The official further said that the ministry has also sought to cut down energy dissipation and has managed to reduce energy dissipation by four percent in the past 18 months.

“Energy dissipation in the power grid has been cut by 15 percent since the Rouhani administration took office in 2013,” he added.

from IranDaily online


Breakthough Energy Fund

Breakthrough Energy Fund is an excellent idea of Bill Gates to form a coalition of mega-investors ($1B Fund) to boost the innovation in zero-carbon energy solutions and technology. This investment will have a huge impact on energy innovation since this renewable and clean energy sector needs investors with a long-term overview and lots of patience! Look at this clip…